Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Final Countdown

Its finally here and this morning was the last LSD of 20k before next week Singapore Marathon 2006 on Dec 3. The last Singapore marathon that I ran was in year 1986, and it was 20 years ago. Although I had step foot into Singapore very regularly during these years, I have never imagine that I will race in the Merlion Island city again. Comeback I did and lets see how this race will stack up for me.

My SIM06 training routine started sometime late Sept this year, and it has been almost 2.5 months that I keep pounding the tarmac and doing my long runs on every Saturday with the furthest run of 34k. I hope this will help me break that mental barrier of going beyond 30k and not hitting the wall. Anything beyond 35k in a marathon is all about mind game and how you pull your body thru the heat, tiredness and crossing the finsihing line.

This morning run was easy together with Wong sifu, Fook and Grace. Fook and Grace will be running their maiden marathon next week, and are very excited about it. I hope they will do well in the race. They have agreed to pace together with me, since they found my pacing very consistent targeting a sub-5 finishing. In fact I hv asked both of them to raise the bar to sub 4:30, which I think is achievable since they are very young and energetic vs this 44 year old apek. For me, I am going out there to enjoy the race and try to complete it within sub-5. Any faster timing for me is a big BONUS and will get me even more motivated to take on KLIM07.

And I will be running using my Saucony Trigon 4 Guide......and SinJiaPoh here I come. Too bad no good food as a bait after the race unlike in Ipoh and Penang. It will be an IN and OUT trip for me. Have a good weekend!!!!!


lifemou said...

better PIA kau-kau-lek during the first 30km...the last 12.195km is serious shit kinda sunshine....GOOD LUCK!!!!

PS: all d BOM_BOM gals along the way are hug-able...wanna try??? dont believe??? nvr try nvr know...hehehehe...

C-CUBE said...

thx for the tips bro...hopefully the BOM-BOM gals will take the heat away from me in the last 12k. Hug-able???

Tey said...


One thing...don think ever u past history...haha...just think u r maiden full..sure excited..!!

All der best to you !!

Cheers !

C-CUBE said...

tey: yes i will take it as my maiden marathon....this is the 2nd marathon this year after a 15yrs layoff

Scorcorn9 said...

may yr taret materailize. dun hug d bom-bom girls, yr will get weaken legs. just watch them do the bom-bom things n u will fly to the finishing line