Friday, September 12, 2008

What the heck !!!!

BN MPs off for study tour in Taiwan from today
Goto Taiwan for a study tour and of all study on agriculture, sigh !!!!. I may not be an agriculturist or an expert, but why Taiwan. Their climatic condition is so different from Malaysia and even though all these goons got their bearings right, I doubt the exposure can be put to good use since our agriculture condition is so different from Taiwan.

I hope these goons is not going there to learn about the Taiwanese kungfu perform in their Parliament !!!


Raymond said...

Taiwan is famed for its blue algae spirulina extract.Perhaps,these ppl wanna learn the method of spirulina farming hahaha!N i wonder what can this Bung Mokthar that idiotic Orang Utan face can learn fr this trip!how i wish someone can slap his pathetic face!

C-CUBE said...

OH tat Dung Mok Tar, u gave face to him liao by calling him an idiot!!! He dont deserve such and if i will to call him it will be even worst.