Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nine One One

Sept 11, 2001..... the day the world saw something happened that change America. This incident will always be remembered by the Americans, especially for those who were killed in the disaster.

I was stuck in Hawaii during that time and could not come back on schedule due to the closure of the Honolulu airport. It was quite devastating when I saw the incident on TV.

God Bless America !!!!


Carboman said...

It's also my Chinese wedding ceremony

Raymond said...

i was at home glueing on the PC watching the horror.
Btw,wht were u doing in honolulu that time? :-)

C-CUBE said...

carboman, wat a 9/11 for u, sigh !!! Good thing is you will never forget it.

Dr Rum Ray, I was there during my company sales convention and vacation with my family. cinya tense although it was so far away fr NYC. Pearl Harbour was fully guarded by the Navy Coast Guard, US Air Force and US Army. Just like a war movie, what an experience.

CP Waterman said...

I was called by another pastor in Paris to watch the incidence together at his apartment. It was so shocking how people can become so beastly driven by filthy politicians manupulating the people under the ticket of religion to justify killings.