Monday, September 29, 2008

The Black Stallion aka The Black Thousand Mile Horse

Yes, its the Black Stallion which was newly released in USA as the Fall '08 model. It will only be release in Asia Pacific market sometime early October. And you are right, the Black Stallion looks very familiar and its none other than the Best Selling Lightweight Trainer-cum-Racer " The Fastwitch 3". This is the updated version in terms of its color scheme. All other function and features remain the same, and so its the price. And last but not least Saucony will be selling this as a UNISEX model.


kev said...

Wah... chui lau nuar... hahhah. Though I still quite like the orange one. Do you have those in stock? Or just the yellow? If so, I'll choose the black over yellow! We'll take in December kay?

pacemaker said...

Kev, let me know your US size for the shoe and will reserve for you. no worries mate.

CP Waterman said...

Wah wah wah Yihaah!
My silver & orange 'Thousand mile horses'( Trigon 5 & Triumph 4)are fast approaching the full distance liao, how can I get these Blue Jazzy & Black Taiko into my stable? Yihaah Yihaah!!

C-CUBE said...

kev, pacemaker is actually me. was login to PM1 site to do some posting and forgot to log out.

H20, unless someone is going to Paris again, tne can tumpang to send over to you again. else gotta find an alternative.