Monday, September 08, 2008

Screw Up Big Time

Whether he apologize or he dont, I think its immaterial. He had already done Pakatan Raykat a big favor. SCREW UP UMNO and Bee End Big time !!!. The more he continue to talk and hold press conferences the more damage it will be. His two bosses can apologize on his behalf and that just showed us how much control they have over their boyz.

Ahmad dude, keep on talking and you will just continue to bring the downfall of Bee End / UMNO faster !!!! He He He.......Lets see who has the last laugh.


CP Waterman said...

It took him 10 or 11 days to come back with such ferocious attack trying to instigate racial unrest. Yet, PM & DPM are taking sweet time on this. Where is that home minister who is guarding the peace of Malaysia?
All these add up to NO GOOD!
Could well be an "organized" UMNO show to cause racial havocs and declare state of emergency to stop Anwar from taking over. I hope I'm wrong.

C-CUBE said...

Let this guy continues to bark, the more he barks the worst it gets. Now he also get himself in trouble with Gerakan.

C-CUBE said...

this is capture live on TV, summore deny it

pls also read all the comments and remarks, cinya !!!