Monday, May 19, 2008

Home For The Angels

Last March during the KLIM08, I was doing a charity run raising funds for the "Home For The Angels". This is an orphanage home that houses 17 orphans and taken care by some volunteers.

After a delayed and prolong postponement, I finally find the time today to make a trip to the orphanage and pass the donations (which I collected) to Mrs Tan ~ the principal of the orphanage. Although the funds collected is not a lot but I hope the Rm2000 given to them will be of great help one way or the other.

And may I offered my sincere thanks to those who had donated towards the orphanage. I do hope the funds do play a role and help meet their financial needs.


Runnerz said...

It was a great effort. I hope to join you in your next should you run for charity again in the near future.

Carboman said...

noble deed deserves all the support. we'll be there again for the next one!