Saturday, May 10, 2008

I was on second wind

This morning I participated in the Bomba Run 10k race. I thot of using this race and see how fast can I go after having doing lotsa of long runs in preparation for KLIM08. There isnt much speed training that I had done during that period of time except for the past 1.5 weeks. And therefore I didnt expect too much out of this race. Medal allocation is only to the first 75 runners to cross the finishing line, so I told myself dont put too much hope in getting a medal as well. Just get out there and run the race as best as I can.

Got to see the usual running kakis at this event. Some of the PM members were there too. The race started 7.30am sharp and we have to run thru those hilly stretch along Kenny Hills, the Jalan Duta flyover plus the final killer stretch at Jalan Parlimen before finishing at Dataran Merdeka. The first KM was ran at a very control pace as I didnt want to push too hard. Try to reserve some energy for the second half of the race as there will be tough killer stretch to tackle.

I was running well after the first 5KM and was consistently maintaining a 5min pace, and at times slightly faster. As I reaches those hilly stretch I slowed down my pace to overcome it and push a little harder on the downhill. This continues and I find myself extremely comfortable with the pace and I told myself I am on second wind today.

Tackled the last killer stretch at Jalan Parlimen and a home run towards the finishing at Dataran Merdeka. I crossed the line in 52mins 13sec, got position number 36 and a finisher medal. I was quite amaze after finishing the race that I am able to sustain the pace throughout without any problems. Could be one of those days that I hit form and got the second wind to push myself and reward with a satisfy run. Was happy with the timing.

Next pia session is NB15k. Seeya there.


Runnerz said...

Always think positive. I'm glad that you are still on form and I would be expecting that you will be too at Sundown.

C-CUBE said...

I will take it ez in Sundown marathon. Hopefully can get second wind also.