Saturday, May 24, 2008


I only have time to blog about the race now. Way overdue as I will be running another race tomorrow ie RMAF Half Marathon before the next week showdown at Sundown Marathon 2008 in Singapore. Have been racing consecutively for the past 3 weekends (including tomorrow race) Legs felt like jelly, take longer time to recover and therefore mileage is extremely low for the Sundown race. I am not sure what will happen to me next week. Worry about it later and back to the race report.

Around 2 days before race day hor, our
supreme Tai Kor Captim PM1 start to set finishing time for all der PMs running this race. Cinya pressure ler. He kan cheong himself enuf lah, why make everyone of us kancheong also. Must give him more pressure next time. So hor, he start put everyone in different category from sub 60mins lah, then sub 1'10, sub 1'20, etc, etc, etc. This is cinya pressure leh, how can he do this to us. And luckily or unluckily I was potition to run under der sub 1'20 category. Jialat lor, how to run so fast ler!!!! So wat to do, Tai Kor command must follow lor.......summore he said if cannot do will deduct points. TNS!!!!

So race day come, have to wake up cinya early at 4.30am so that can get parking at Bukit Aman carpark. Do all the morning routine, go toilet and let loose, and had simple breakfast. Der kan cheong syndrome started liao, in my mind hor I am thinking how to do sub 1'20, jialat lor this morning race.
Everytime think of it, body like want to pangsai like that. No wonder our Tai Kor always pangsai just before race, bcos he so kancheong mah...sit also not ngam, walk also not ngam, so many things like going to happen!!!!

Time to leave home liao, so start driving to Lake Garden. Der feeling of kancheong syndrome still there and while driving along Jalan Ampang, I feel like want to pangsai. TNS!!! have to find pitstop lah. Luckily got a few petrol station along the way. So have to quickly stop by Esso and do my big business. Wah after that I feel so much better and at ease. The kancheong feeling is gone now. I think the tactic our Tai Kor use is to pangsai and release the stress level, hahahaha!!!!

Reached the carpark and was early. Can find parking liao. Met with all der regulars who will be running that morning ~ der likes of Frank, Jamie, Kevin Chow, Wan, Geraldine and many more. Chit-chat a bit, do some stretching and relax body. Then times up to walk to Padang Merbuk where the starting point will be. As we reached the area, its was already fill up with so many runners liao. Found out hor that the start point is different from last year, but does not matter lah. Which way we start still have to run mah. Also cinya happy to see Kenneth there and so is Cheong SH.
Kenneth a bit fat ler, no more power liao bcos need to jaga baby at nite. While talking to them suddenly heard a BANG sound and race was started. Cinya fast, and how come no talk kok one!!!!

Caught by the surprise start, so I slowly run hor to warm as I was at the back. Now have to slowly turbo and overtake all the slow runners, cinya. The route was jammed with all the runners, and slowly slowly I try to overtake. First 5k struggle a bit ler, legs feel like jelly. Dont know why, but der kancheong syndrome no more there oredi what!!!! So whats happening, but slow slow momentum coming back. My confidence also go up liao. Timing so so only.

Second 5k can feel some wind oredi. Running very relax and overtaking other runners liao. At some of the hills I slow down lor to reserve energy so that later can tekan turbo again. I run and run, continue with der pace and start to feel 2nd wind coming liao. After Tugu Negara, a lot of runners try to turbo and overtake me thinking that the finishing is near but they are totally wrong. My GPS kok only showed 13k leh at der point, how can so fast finish one.

The truth happens because all runners have to run one more loop at the back of Bank Negara to complete the race. I think lotsa of runners now feeling the TNS effect. Turbo like mad and sumore got 2k more to run. Now my chances to potong sayur back, and oredi got 2nd wind. Timing now is within reach of doing sub 1'20. Tekan turbo like mad and no give chance now. Have to do sub 1'20, this is the time. After the Bank Negara hill, its was downhill all der way and turbo even faster ~ based on my standard lah. Not comparing to other fast PMs lah, they all siow lang ler, can pia so fast one!!!!

Turn into Padang Merbok and crossed the finishing line. My GPS kok showed 1h17mins20secs and potition 146. Wah, unexpected time ler.....not bad not bad. The kancheong effect that Tai Kor PM1 put on me is working, cinya. Can pia and turbo like that.

Mingled around before heading back to Bukit Aman carpark to showcase some Saucony shoes to potential buyers. Happy running and Happy Selling. Seeya in the next race......

Note: Photo courtesy of Gege Tey

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Runnerz said...

I like the way you wrote your report. Cinya relaxing and nice to read.