Sunday, November 04, 2007

A tad too fast

It was a lovely Saturday morning when I drove out of my porch and ready for my morning run with none other than LiBeHe, once my running buddy and still is at times if he does not FFK. As I reaches the Bukit Aman carpark, there I saw him out of the car putting on his rubbers. Hehehe....he didnt FFK on me this morning!!!. How dare he when he is training for the coming Singapore marathon. 4 weeks to go for him and not enuf mileage means he will see THE WALL very early in the race. And if the weather is not forgiving (unlike last year) he will be roasted too.

Anyway we started of with an easy pace and as we approaches Bank Negara' s junction, our pace increases. This continues when we reaches the Jalan Duta junction and I told LiBeHe that the pace is faster than my normal run. I told him that GL will loving running with us today but too bad GL is on vacation for 2 weeks. The pace eases off a bit as we take on the slope near the Govt Complex area but once we went past the KL Mosque, the pace started to be faster again. This continued until we hit the Petronas station at Hartamas. My watch shows 54mins 50secs. Wow and that is at least 5mins faster than my normal run.

Took a 5mins water stop and did a loop around Petronas before heading back to the Bukit Aman carpark. We took it easy on our return leg and by the time I hit the Jalan Duta junction, I was a spent force. LiBeHe was at least 50m-80m ahead of me by now. I was a tad too fast running the first leg and by now I am just hanging onto it and try to complete my 20k run. Step by step I push on and the downhill pushes the momentum a bit as I continue the run. One last slope to tackle at the Bank Rakyat junction towards the finishing at the carpark.

Reaches the carpark, legs felt wobbly and tired, but was a good run overall. My watch shows exactly 2hrs for the run with a 5mins water break in between. The first leg of the run was a test of my speed plus endurance, and I think I did alright. The second leg was more like hanging onto it and not giving up especially the fuel was running low and that is when you train your mind to take over your body. Every runner who is doing the marathon need that mental strength when you are at the 40k mark to carry yourself over the line.


lifemou said...

no such things as too fast,,,,

C-CUBE said...

too fast this old engine will koyak half way and have to slow down tremendously!!!