Saturday, November 10, 2007

Goodbye to you my trusted friend

Goodbye to you my trusted friend
We've known each other since

Seventy-eight weeks ago

Together we've take on all the race

Learned of cramps and all the sweat

Ran the race and

Climb the hills

We had joy we had fun we had

Running to be done

But the hills that we climbed were

The challenge that we done

Thats the parting words sang to the tune of "Season in the sun" with regards to my old faithful Saucony Trigon 4 that had served me very well for the past 78 weeks (1.5 years). This morning I had it on for a 20k run and I realised that it is not responding as well as before. This old faithful of mine had reach its lifespan of hitting 800km or more. Its time to retire from the running scene and enjoy life after that ie wont have someone weighing 70kg pounding on it.

The Trigon 4 had made itself a real good investment for me and the model that will replaces it is none other than its successor Trigon 5 which was release in mid 2007. I have since tested the shoe and it gives the same cushy feeling and the good news was its even lighter. The Trigon 5 will definitely complement the Triumph 4 which is my other pair of training rubbers.

So much about my old faithful and Adios Amigo!!!!

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