Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fei Kei Wong

MSN conversation with GL on Friday afternoon.

GL: I wont be running tomorrow. Need some rest
Me: Erhhh...tats not you. Never hear u need rest
GL: Old oredi, need more rest
Me: Sure or not
GL: Actually I will be running in a 4.5k race on Sunday
Me: Oh I see, not that kind of rest that you are not running at all on a weekend
GL: Yes, reserve energy and try to get a medal in the race
Me: Ok, good luck. I will be at the Batik Charity Walk on Sunday
GL: So u have to run with Fei Kei Wong, make sure he doesnt FFK on you
Me: I hope so!!!!

Saturday 5.30am - SMS

FKW: This morning not coming liao, body still tired

I was oredi on the road when the SMS reaches me. Anyway never mind lah, you rest well buddy (I talk to myself). With GL not running this morning, I hope PK will be there at the carpark, else I will have to run solo this morning. And true enuf PK was there waiting for someone to turn up for the 20k run. The morning was cinya cooling and is perfect for a long run.

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