Thursday, November 29, 2007

Be A Real Good Provider

I was reading this book "Fathering Your School-aged Child" and I am really amazed and cannot disagree to this part that speaks typical about the lifestyle of a working parent.

We want to be very good providers, but be careful not to be consumed by the pursuit of income or a workaholic lifestyle. Otherwise the relationships with our children will start to wither away.

Many researchers show that the most effective parents dont necessary have the highest income. An "A+" provider can have a "C" income. In this case, average and steady income is sufficient.

When a parent adopts this perspective, he is free to make career decisions based not on his neighbor's lifestyle or his company standards, but on his life goals, his family's needs and his children's future.

Too many parents are waiting to meet certain financial goals, then only they'll spend more time with their family. But often, when they reach their goals, they have established patterns at work and at home that are very difficult to change. There is often a shocking and sad recognition of what they have missed - and can never recover.

No matter how much money you have, the best life comes from well-connected relationships. Providing well for your family means bringing home a lively, caring and engaged parent.


CP Waterman said...

I'll say a big Amen to this.
Great post!
I'm touched & reminded.

C-CUBE said...

looks like you have done the right thing when ur whole family went for a holiday down in Spain. Thats what we call true family spirit, cinya.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to let my husband read this!