Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Las Vegas aka The Sin City

Last year I strolled the streets of Las Vegas in the nite, but this year I was walking The Strip under the scorching sun of 40 degree C. I felt the burning sensation on my skin as I walk ~ hopping from hotels to hotels, but luckily it wasnt humid else I will be cooked.

Mojave Desert ~ along the way from LA to LV ~ it was a 4 hour drive under very hot condition

I had one of my dinners here. An interesting place to dine and a glass of chilled beer!!!!

H2O shop ~ lots of personal grooming stuff. One of my favorites besides Bath & Body Works

The Venetian ~ build around the City of Venice

The Wynn ~ one of the newest hotels along The Strip. They offered the best Japs buffet in town. Cost USD50 for a Eat-All-You-Can meal. Obviously I tried it.

The FashionShow Mall ~ offer fashion shows during the weekends

The latest in town ~ Palazzo and Trump

Mirage and Treasure Island

Crime Scene Investigation: Las Vegas ~ I was doing my patrol in the day as part of my duty

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