Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am back

I am back from the US trip but am I back from a fitness perspectives. No way Jose!!! With the heavy American meals and big serving that i had in Las Vegas to be exact, I have kinda put on some weight. My fitness is not up to mark, and so probably no races for me till Sept. I will try to attempt running the Mizuno Wave Run organize by Pacesetters but I know timing will be sucks. Just take it casually and good thing I am not training for any competitive races for the time being. So have to start my training regime all over again.


kev said...

Oh no wonder your blog hasn't been updated. I was actually checking it for your PJ Half Marathon report, but obviously you didn't go for it. Put up some pictures of your trip lah. It's okay... we all need a break from training sometimes.

C-CUBE said...

Yes, didnt run PJ Half marathon since I was in USA. Anyway I am not very fond of this race eversince it was held in the eighties. Never like running along the hi-way esp when last year the route was surrounded by heavy construction.

Will put up some LV pictures over the weekend. Tune in for it!!!