Monday, August 27, 2007

Los Angeles

Some pictures taken during my trip to US, on transit in LA.

IHOP - International House Of Pancakes ~ my favorite pancake house in the US

Customers viewing the Apple iPhone

Am I am a proud owner of the Apple iPhone

When in US make sure you visit Victoria Secrets!!!

Don't missed out Hollywood when in Los Angeles

So is Universal Studios ~ never to be missed

And make sure you drive around downtown Los Angeles along Hollywood Blvd


Carboman said...

dont tell me you bought der iPhone???! huh? huh?

C-CUBE said...

i was so tempted to buy it ~ 4GB cost USD499 and 8GB cost USD599. but the problem is i cant use it in MY, sim-lock to AT&T for a year....but now a whizz kid oredi cracked the code