Sunday, August 05, 2007

Adidas King Of The Road

Before I start my race report, I would like to bid farewell to Pelle and family. After been living in Malaysia for almost 2 years (I met him during the Putrajaya Marathon 2005) he and his family will be moving his base to Korea (next week). The photo was taken before the race starts this morning (courtesy of KC). All the best and good luck to you and family. Do contact me when you are down in KL the next time. Adios amigo!!!

Back to the race. I anticipate the race to be run on an open hi-way. The race started on time by Sami Veloo, at least he didnt talk kok, i mean talk rubbish. He just said 1-2-3 and the race was started.

I started off very slowly since I am feeling very tired (stress out during year end closing) the week before leading to race day. Was running the first 5 km with Pelle at talk kok pace, I mean talking pace. Bumped into Wan Yew Loong and talk with him for a while and move on, then met Ah Grace and had a quick chat too. Not too far off saw Yee Hwa and had a quick chat too, then Ann, Kelvin PM2, Chee Wee, Mah Chai Meng - KRI and Lee from Penang. Slow down my pace when having a chat with all these people I know. I was not going for time and because of my tiredness I decided to take it easy.

At the 10k U-turn when one exit to Old Klang Road, the tiredness started to get worst. My pace are much more slower now and I just maintain it without pushing myself too hard. This continue until I crossed the finishing line in a time of 1h46mins. The distance covered that was shown on my Garmin Forerunner 205 was 19.6km (an under distance race). Anyway I was within the 2h15mins qualifying time and got myself a medal and certificate (which I hope the organiser will send to me)

Mingle around before having a quick breakfast and head for home. Then I got the scare of my life when I was at home resting.......


RunWitMe said...

Wat happened? Cliffhanger..Cinya suspense!

C-CUBE said...

Yes, its a thriller suspense. I will try to blog about it once I get sometime b4 the week ends.