Sunday, April 08, 2007

The rain

It was good to be back to the ground where I considered as my old training ground. Yes, its no other than the Ipoh Polo ground. I was back in Ipoh over the weekend and deciced to run at the ground again to catch up will some mileage.

Was there early with my family at 5pm sharp. Did some warmup by doing some brisk walking around the running track. After 10mins, begin a slow run to get my muscle going. Then started my first lap. Am not too sure what is the distance of one lap, probably have to check with either Master Chen or Kenny Tan, who also use to run at the ground when they are back in Ipoh.

As I complete the first lap, the sky seems to be covered by rain clouds. I was praying that the wind will blow it away, and as I started my second lap the sky was getting darker. The wind was blowing strongly by now and as I continued to run I saw most people at the ground starting to leave and getting back into their cars.

I completed the second lap and by now the rain clouds are all over the sky and I know in no time it will start to rain heavily. As I finsihed the second lap and starting the third lap, the rain came pouring. Me and my family have to rush back to our car and have to cut short our workout for the day. Too bad and do I have a choice to go against the nature.

So all in all its just a 25mins workout for the weekend but the blessing in disguise is that after the rain, the weather in Ipoh is very cooling . I do enjoy it.


NEZZ said...

I missed Ipoh a lot!! Stayed there for 2 years in 92/93.. Pdg Polo/Tmn DR ~ my playground & Tasek-Sg Siput ~ my cycling route... :)

C-CUBE said...

good old memories...its still a good place to be back and enjoy the traffic hassle of KL