Thursday, April 05, 2007

Can u sell something that nobody wants

Well if u asked me, it will be a hard sell with very little success. Then you would asked how did the product end up in a situation like that. And this is a totally different dynamics altogether on what causes the downfall.

This topic came about just after I stopped by the Shell station along Jalan Damansara (opp Eastin Hotel) this afternoon to fill up petrol for my car. As I came out of the car to slot in my credit card at the pump, out came a lady promoter. Very politely she asked me what credit card I am using, and immediatley I realise that she is one of those promoter engaged by a bank to promote their credit card.

She asked me whether I am a credit card holder of that bank, and I told her NO. And almost immediately I followup with my next statement that is "I am not going to use this card in my life" She was quite shocked to hear that and asked me why. I described my experience that I had with this bank when I apply for a credit card from them 5 years ago. Reason: Got rejected and didnt get a reponse from them why was my application rejected. Call numerous time and no one bother to return a call to me. And for me, thats it. End of story, will never use this card again.

She was very persistent in trying to get me sign up but I politely rejected it. Then she went over to the next pump that's just next to me and did the same sales pitch. To my surprise I overheard the remarks given by that person and it goes like that "This is the worst card that I have ever known and used, will never used it again!!!!" Wow!!!!, there goes another rejection.

I thot to myself, its not me that is having such bad expereince with this bank. And if this continues, all her effort will be wasted in selling the product. Its not her that she is not a good salesperson, the bottomline is the product itself. Although her energy level was still high, but I subtlely told her that she is wasting her time trying to sell this product or credit card. 2 rejections out of 2 customers, expressing almost the same remarks that they dont want to even look at the product at all. I told her to report such feedback back to the tele marketing company that she is working for, or directly to the bank itself.

So wat causes such downfall? Well it could be from many angles eg not listening or responding to the customers, customer service level is totally not there, no market survey on how do consumers out there value the product, and the list goes on. And to sum it all, one could be the biggest company in the world or having the best product in the world, but if you dont take care of your customers or dont listen to their needs or you dont look at market conditions, it will cause a downfall.....and if that happen its hard to recover. Just like this bank.

Good luck to this bank!!!!!


Raymond Hee said...

which bank ah? haha

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I wonder which bank that is...

C-CUBE said...

I wont review it here, afterwards kena sue then habis saya. Else you can stop by the Shell station along Jln Damansara and see for yourself. wonder they are still there today. another option is to ask around, and chances are you will get the answer!!!!

NEZZ said...

this bank should check out the credit card rating in the country & study on why their credit card 'tak laku'..