Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ding Dong here, Ding Dong there

Well, i think this statement is quite widely used in Malaysia and maybe also across the causeway. But when u quote this to a foreigner (whether u are conducting a biz discussion or just a casual talk), s/he will not understand what are you trying to said.

To us Malaysians, the phrase "Ding Dong here, Ding Dong there" is pretty common, and we do understand what the other person is trying to explain or tell us. Well to cut the story short and for those still dont understand it, the meaning of it is "Things go back and forth without a solution to it"

An example, " I am waiting for a response from John on the closure of the sale, but according to him the decision was not made by the decision maker of the company bcos things got Ding Dong here, Ding Dong there" Got it!!!!

Another phrase that we often used, especially for an excuse of being late for something is "I am on the way!!!" HeHeHe.....sounds familiar. Well,when you said "I am on the way", please be very very specific. 5 minutes to reaching your destination vs you just step out of your house/office to go to the destination is a big big difference. So for me when someone tell me s/he "Is on the way", I always asked for specifics ie where exactly are you?, how far/near are you?

We Malaysian are very used to saying "I am on the way" when someone or a group fo people are waiting for us to do something or go somewhere. So be more specific the next time and respect the people that are waiting for you. Set the right expectation, else you lose your credibility overtime.

Any more common phrases that we Malaysian uses in our daily life? Do let me know.

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