Friday, April 06, 2007

Ai Yoh Yoh

What talk you Yang Berhormat !!!

"Bloggers using locally hosted websites may be asked to register with the authorities, Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said. "

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Last time was one dude opening his mouth about banning Pan-Asian looking Malaysians from the advertising world. Got a mouthful bashing from the public and the industry then kept his big mouth shut. Now see, nothing happened....and we continue to see Pan-Asian looking Malaysians in the advertisement.

This Shaz dude probably dont know what a blog is all about, short of having one himself. Have he particpated in the blogging communities before saying such things in the Parliment. Does he know what kind of people are in the blogging communities? Maybe Pak Lah need to sound him out!!!!

If this dude wants attention, do bring out something more logical and sensible. Not something like that which to me is totally no sense of logic.

Some remarks from the writeup:

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang, who interjected when Shaziman was speaking, said the negative comments of several ministers about bloggers reflected their lack of understanding about information flow in cyberspace.

Ahirudin Attan of Rocky's Bru said the move to compel local bloggers to register was effectively the Government trying to control what Malaysians were writing online. "This violates the Government's no-censorship policy with regards to the Internet," he said.

Marina Mahathir, a blogger and activist, said the Government really should "get real."


CP Waterman said...

Let us all be patience,we all take time to learn up and appreciate the genuine value of blogging, some will obviously take a lot longer, well hope its not that long,say when our money is 1 is to 4 to S'pore,but then again, we are back to the word patience... what a cycle!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Marina Mahathir, politicians, instead of whining about blogs not in favor of them , should be net-savvy and start their own blogs.

C-CUBE said...

H2O, its not abt PATIENCE, its about how the govt look at technology and the speed of information travelling across the world. They need to understand this is Year 2007, not 1957 when Malaysia achieved MERDEKA!!! All those dudes in the cabinet are not net-savvy, and if u r not dont simply make comments that sounds illogical to this new world society.

Haza, i totally agreed with you. I wonder how many of our cabinet Ministers have their personal blog. The opposition does!!!!

NEZZ said...

I think they should have a new subject in school... BLOGGING!!

C-CUBE said...

nezz, u r rite....but not in govt school, too bad!!! but my daughter was taught to create their own blog and do blogging in her school, only diff is she is studying in a private school. See how their school and their IT teacher think vs our govt school. This is not rocket science.