Friday, April 13, 2007

Cinta punya pasai!!!!

This morning as I was sending my wife to work along Jalan Sultan Ismail near Corcorde Hotel, I saw this young man stopping his car at the opposite side of the road. At that moment my car was stationery due to the heavy traffic and also its near the traffic junction.

He came out of the car, went over to the passenger side and opened the door for a lady (cud be his GF) She came out of the car, and the man then grab hold of her hand and slowly guided her to cross the road. Both of them stop at the road divider in the middle of the road and then he lifted up the lady hand and give her a kiss on the cheek and then her hand.

Then she crosses the road on her own while the man went back over to his car. As both of them reaches the other side of the road on the opposite, they turn around, then stare at each other for a moment. After that they waved at each other before the lady walked away while the man get back into his car and drove off.

Wat a scene and i thot this only happen in a movie especially the Bollywood ones. Well in fact I saw one in real life this morning!!!!

LOVE is so so strong......



galnexdor said... drama...hahah....:)

Anonymous said...

Or you did not notice the shooting crew? Maybe they were hiding somewhere just to make the scene look real. He he he!

C-CUBE said...

galnexdor n haza, yes man, so drama!!! definitely not a movie scene cos no shooting crew around, but wat a lovely couple. wish them all the luck.

NEZZ said...

check in the next 10 years if the same drama of the same couple will happen again.. if same, i'll salute... hehehehe..