Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yi Xi - You have done it......

As a 16 year old boy, and having climb Mt Kinabalu the first time and reaching the summit together with your daddy, and today you have completed another task of finishing a 20km run (without walking) together with our group. I believed your daddy and mummy have given you lots of encourgement in order for you to achieve this. I wish I have parents like them during my younger days.

Yi Xi's parents - Mr+Mrs Eugene Lee

YiXi - you have done it and achieved a lot in just a short 1 month period where I believe no 16 year old boy would have done anything like that before. I am be wrong but I personnally have not seen any achievement like that before. I believe your good stamina foundation during your competitive swimming had help you a lot to be where you are. Dont give up and continue to build your strength from here whether you are going out trekking or running another race. And I am very sure your next attempt in running the Penang Bridge International Marathon 21Km race will be no problem to you. Just have to push yourself a bit harder now (since you have broken the barrier of running 20km) to achieve a better timing.

Sifu and the Tow Tai Yi Xi

SiFu aka LIFEMOU - Your guidance are very valuable to the young boy here and in no time I am sure he will give you a run for the money. Keep up the good work and I really have to salute you for making it for this morning run eventhough your car was in the workshop and worst still you have to take a taxi to Lake Gardens. I like your commitment and hats off to you.

I seeya all next week at the same place and the same time.

Pictures - curi from Galnexdor


galnexdor said...

ahha yep...good job YiXi...tmr going Nuang summore...hehe...:)

lifemou said...

gunung Nuang tmr??? very doubtful loh..the father and son were resorting to "DUCK-WALK" after the run...

-_-" n i must now only allow my handsome face photo to be taken when i am sober..