Saturday, June 17, 2006


It has been a long, long time that I have ever ran a 25km run be it during training or in a race. Tis morning together with my running buddy, we did a 25km run in preparation for the Laksa Marathon. The motive as what LIFEMOU said is to break the mental barrier of certain distance that you want to run. Eventually as we pound in the mileage, we are looking at doing a 35km run two weeks before th race. The run was good except towards the last 5km, the muscle at the upper body felt a bit sore. I think the muscle supporting my upper body is not use to holding it for almost 2.5hrs. Hopefully as my training progresses the upper body muscle will strengthen and goes away. I believe doing a workout in the gym will help except that I never like to workout in the gym. Need to apply some rubs to ease the soreness.

week 17/6/2006(sat): Total mileage=37km, 6+6+25


Carboman said...

the 2 6Ks during midweek is not enough hence the soreness. from the 2 6ks, the jump to a 25K was a bit harsh for the body to adapt. but it'll come! anyways who am i to say when i'm talking about a 3:30 marathoner?! ahaha!

C-CUBE said...

carboman, you hit the bulleyes. 2 x 6km on midweek is definitely not enuf. I normally run in the morning b4 work and the World Cup Fever is catching on me. Late nite games are torturing especially gotta wake up at 5.45am for my morning run. Well I'll see how it goes and gotta b more discipline!!!