Friday, June 16, 2006


A blink of the eyes and Thank God Its Friday again. The World Cup Fever is getting hotter and hotter now. Countries that won their first two games are assure of a place in the last 16. Countries that didnt do too well have started packing their bags for home. The fever is impacting everything in Malaysia from the plain old Jane on the streets to corporate workers and big time businessman. Mamak stores and those water joints are making huge sum of $$$. Everything is at a standstill from 9pm till the wee hours of the morning. Office workers reporting late to work with bubbly eyes and black rings. Taxi drivers complain about drop in business, no one are interest in the stock market. All the investment go into the bets, whether is legal or illegal. Anyway there is no legal football betting in Malaysia. People are trying to make quick bucks during this time. Whether your investments yield any gains or loss with be known in 90 minutes, thats how fast the results are. Ah Longs business sore like sky high, lending out $$$ for big time punters. And the list goes on and on. Things will only settle down once the World Cup 2006 Final is over and that is on July 9, 2006. And we will anxiously wait for the next World Cup to happen in 2010, anticipated to be held in the Africa continent.

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