Monday, June 12, 2006

What a Monday

After a week break, I reported back to office today and was faced with heaps of work uncleared. I thot I have updated my boss what to approve and go ahead with, before I went on leave. Apparently that didnt happened. Everything was on a standstill and were waiting for my return. And you know how the situation is, everything is urgent, waiting to be cleared. It was like the "chicken trying to cross the road" aka Kelam Kabut.

Well, I took it positively. Maybe my boss was also very b zee last week when he has no time at all to look at all the pending issues. Now the Kaki-Tangan had to figure out and get it sorted. It was like double tasking or even multi-tasking. I work like an Intel processor putting all task in front of me, applying priorities on the more urgent ones and have it work on and cleared. In no time it was lunch time and had to get back home to send my son to visit the doctor. He complained about stomachache in the morning when he was about to go to school. He ponteng sekolah today, and stay at the babysitter home waiting for me to come back to visit the doctor. After that grab a quick lunch of mamak mee goreng before heading back to the office.

Continue with all the other outstanding task, and some breaks in between to conduct 3 interview sessions where we are doing some hiring. What a day to schedule all these interviews. Cant push them away since the candidates have confirmed. Anyway not a professional way to cancel it, and have to live with it. Sneak in some work in between the interviews and eventually it was almost 6.30pm, but the pending tasks are still not completed. Anyway I have cleared almost all the urgent ones and will call it a day. Will get to continue tomorrow and I will be back home sitting on my sofa to watch those World Cup matches.

Ole-Ole-Ole-Ole-Ole, Viva-Viva-Viva !!!!

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