Friday, February 17, 2006

Whoosh !!! Wat a week before it ends

After finishing our financial quarter just before CNY starts, the preparation to meet our goals for Q3 and Q4 started. And this week is madness again, working for almost 16-17 hours for the past 3 days from Monday onwards to prepare information for my boss for the quarterly managers meeting, and this time in Taipei. Because of my second portfolio in managing busines and sales operations for the country, I have to churn out data on past achievements pertaining to sales, business operations processes, employee productivity, spend and expenses, YoY and QoQ growth, blah blah blah. This is mind boggling. After getting all the facts and figures right, I have to present it to the country management team especially to my boss who will be representing Malaysia in the meeting. We have to reveiw all these information over and over again to ensure that everything are politically correct when my boss present it to the VP of the region during the meeting. I was in a pressure cooker for the past 3 days doing nothing but churning our information. Well, finally its over yesterday and my boss is happy with the output and with the information he flew off to Taipei late evening yesterday. And thats corporate life !!!!, and hitting the road, strikes over strikes, heavy breathing at times, over 10km to 20km (if not more for others) help me take away all the stress and come back stronger the next day.


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