Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tak Boleh Tahan MAN !!

Running a marathon needs lots of training and endurance, and we can overcome it and perform to our own expectation. What about doing a Marathon LOW SANG lunches and dinners, Wah really tak boleh tahan MAN !!. You cannot train to eat more (unless you really stuff yourself) and endure the intake of lots of food. Have been doing that with our partners and customers eversince coming back from the CNY. The gunshot to start these marathon eating outings was on 6 Feb 2006 ie Monday and all the way till Friday non-stop on lunches and dinners. Summore not running enuf to burnt off those carbo and fat intake, how lah like that!!!! Must cut down oledi, otherwise very teruk man !! So have to eat a little bit here, eat a little bit there...... Anyway Chap Goh Mei is this weekend and all these celebrations will be history. Things will get back to normal and no more Marathon eating outings until the next new lunar year.

Happy LOW SANG to all who are in a similar situation !!


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