Saturday, February 18, 2006

Farn Parn

Farn Parn (Cantonese) aka Piracy aka Cetak Rompak. When we talked about piracy in Malaysia, it is always refered to Music CD, VCD and DVD piracy. Anyway tats what made MALAYSIA famous. The land of Farn Parn.

Lunch break for me today was a little bit longer than usual, why? Because I was patronizing a new DVD outlet that was opened very recently near my workplace. Have been wanting to buy some titles tat I have been waiting for (the clear version). Since the shop is near my workplace, I visited the outlet and spend sometime searching for those tat I wanted to buy.

The sales guy greeted me "Good Afternoon" when I step into the shop. Wahhahhh !! Fantastic man, I dont get this kind of greeting when I step into a govt office or a bank. This is wat I call customer service. "Oil Wan Meh Hei, lou sai - my ng chek, soong yat chek" the sales guy told me (In english "What movies you want, Boss - Buy five get one free"). After chosing the title, the sales guy tested it for me to ensure quality. He said Quality no good, we take back and dont recommend/sell to our customers. Hmmmmm.....This is wat I called customer focus and customer assurance.

No wonder this biz is big, overtime with this kind of service quality, the consumers will trust them. I hope our service industries learn a few tricks from them and definitely have a long way to catch up when it comes to good customer service....!!!

Morally or immorally, almost everyone in Malaysia purchase pirated CD/DVDs. So do I feel bad.....ask yourself first before asking me. After testing the quality of the DVDs, he step up and asked me whether I am satisfied with the movies quality. I nodded my head and the sales guy guided me to the counter and pay up.

There goes my weekend, it will be movies time from titles like "Wallace & Gromit" to "Proof" (dont know wat this movie is all about, but was attracted by the title theme which goes like this "The biggest risk in Life is not taking one") AHA-AHA !!!

Cheers & Have a good weekend.

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