Saturday, February 18, 2006

Long Lost Friend

While browsing thru the blog of KC & The Sunshine Runners I stumbled upon an article that KC wrote about his Low Sang Get-Together dinner that he had with his badminton kakis. I saw this guy with his hairline reclining (and I am also one of those which are genetically impacted, and no fault of anyone) in one of the photo posted, and I told myself that he definitely looks very familiar to me. He resembles of a friend of my brother (whom they used to study together in St. Michael's Inst, Ipoh) which use to visit us quite often and without fail during the CNY when my brother was studying abroad. The last I actually met up with this guy was easily at least 10 years ago if not longer, when he visited us again during one of the CNY. After that I actually lost contact of his whereabouts.

Courtesy of KCLeong

So I quickily send a message to KC to get more infor of this guy whom he knew him as Alan. I describe his full name and information about him to KC and check whether it matches. True enuf, KC response came back via en email and believe it or not that guy by name of Alan is actually the long lost friend of my family and my brother. Wah lau erh, wat a fortunate way to track down your long lost friend. If not for KC posting that article, I will probably not able to trace where Alan is today. Shall I thank you KC, ............ YES, I shud. THANK YOU for posting that article.

This is real cool, the power of web-blogging and the Internet.

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