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Stanchart KL Marathon 2010 Race Report

This is a race that i hv no intention to run and therefore I didnt register for it. Why....because its just barely one month after my ultra race in Sundown Sg. But one thing in mind prompted me to give it a shot when i was actively participating in the Full Marathon Virgins (FMVs) Facebook page.  I was kind of obligated to pace a group of newbies running their virgin race.  I thot it will be good to give back to the running communities and doing a sub6 hour pace for the run will not be too much of a burden.

So in search of a bib goes underway.  Whether to buy it at a cheaper price or hoping to have a kind samaritan to give away their bib FOC and I run with it.  Not on a panic mode though as I know there will always be last minute dropouts.  I posted my rquest on FB, blogs and running forums to see if I am lucky.  As the race date gets nearer, I got a SMS from Joyce Wong saying that she had a FOC bib and the runner will give it to me. He will collect the bib and will keep the race vest, whilst I can have the number and if I complete the race within qualifying time, I can keep the medal and Finisher T.  Thats a good deal.  And now I am all set.

So come 27 June 2010, I headed out to the race site at Dataran Merdeka. Met up with Loke SS at the basement carpark and we proceed to the meeting point of the Full Marathon Virgins (FMV) group that assembled themselves at the fountain opposite the church.  Get to meet the FMVs in person after all the chatting via Facebook.  Informed them that I will be running a sub6 hr pace and if anyone interested to follow, just tailgate me.  But I also told them not to let me slow them down if they think they can run at a faster pace and finish within the 5 hours mark.

Photo session with the group and soon its time to masuk kandang. By the time Loke SS and myself were inside, there were alot of running kakis there liao.  5 mins to gun off, the sky decides to open up.  It started off with light drizzle and then it became heavier.  By the time the race was abt to start, most of us are already drenched.  It will be a wet run at least from the beginning and doesnt know how long the rain will last.

I started off very slowly and this will be a slow slow run for me.  Anyway SLOW IS BEAUTIFUL.  Let me have the chance to enjoy my run without much pressure of achieving certain time.  And since Eric Poh is trying to run a sub6 race, I have offered to pace him as long as he can follow me.  So we set foot together and so bumped into Steve from Seremban.  He is also run at an easy pace and target was also a sub6 marathon.

Eventually we have a threesome followed by a few FMVs which I dont remember their names at that very moment, paiseh paiseh!!!!  We just stick in a 7min pace which is very easy and at times I actually ran a tad faster, and left both Eric and Steve behind.  Then I hv to slow down and wait for them to catch up.  We got the chance to run around KL City and this continues.  Nothing dramatic until the 24k or 25k when Steve started to drop back around Jalan Yap Kwan Seng before we head towards Jalan Tun Razak.

I looked back and he waved to us to carry on.  So from a threesome, it became a twosome now and even some of the fMVs had dropped off even at the earlier stages.  Eric and myself continue our journey (running into Jalan Ipoh) and still managing a 7min pace which he is able to sustain. Very good fo him.  I told him that he probably had to watch out at the 30k mark, as thats when a marathon starts.  If any, unthinkable problems will start to surface at this point and can cause all sorts of problem from fatigue and tiredness to severe cramps out fo a sudden.  So I told him to take it easy and if he need to slow down by all means just to conserve energy.

Eric started to take my advise and slow down somewhere ard the 28k mark.  He doesnt seems to be suffering from anything but he looks a bit tired.  Hence slowing down will be good for him and can have some reserve to finsih the last 12k to 14k.  From the 30k mark I ran solo on my own as most of those following me have kind of slowed down.  Well thats the best I can do, getting them to at least the 3/4 mark of the race.  The route along Jalan Ipoh was long and hot/humid coupled with heavy traffic with all the carbon monoxide from the vehicles.

No choice but to carry on and approached into Jalan Kuching.  Not too far after running I bumped in Cheong, my Bukit Indah neighborhood running kaki.  Ran with him for while and chit chat, then I moved on. Then from afar I saw Terence Poon pacing Lee Yong which is trying to achieve a sub6 timing.  Lee Yong was struggling abit due to the intense heat by that time but Terence is pushing yet encouraging her to push on slowly.  We ran together for awhile before Terence asked me to go ahead and not let them slow me down.  Run ahead I went and caught up with the 6hr Official pace for the event.  Chat with Malcalm and continued running.

The Segambut roundabout was approaching and I knew before long I will run into Jalan Bukit Tunku where the 36k mark will be, and also the support station of FMVs. I so reach there as saw Wendy from Ipoh. She looks tired but I got her to run with me as far as she can since its only 6k to the finishing line.

And soon from afar I saw the FMVs sign and the support crew were in sight.  Kash and husband and Jue were there to greet me.  Kash gave me a bottle of Gatorade and pour a bottle of ice cold water over my head. That was refreshing.  I stop awhile to thank them and move on.  By this time Wendy had movbeed ahead but eventually caught up with her at the Tijani junction, and then overtook her as she was already slowing down.

Worked my way thru the hilly terrain before going downhill at the "S" slope and nearing the JKR building.  We gotta make a slight detour and go uphill before making a U-turn to make up the 42.195k.  As I was approaching down hill towards Bank Negara junction. Wendy had caught up and on the other side.  I waved and get her to speed up, and then further down the road at the Bank Negara junction I met up with Tony Q. And tha was the 40k mark and 2k to go. He was complaining his shoe was giving way which slows him down and also both the legs were real tired.

We make our way together towards Jalan Raja Laut, and eventually Wendy caught.  Three of us ran together and did teh U-Turn at Pertama Complex and going for the final stretch of around 600m to 700m towards the finishing.  We ran together side by side and got cheers from those supporters along the street that we knew.  These 2 are well know athlete in the Tri and cycling communities and definitely u will get alots of applause as we ran.

And finally we crossed the finishing line in 5h 41mins.  Wendy did her maiden marathon under sub6 hrs and I am satisfied for finsihing another one eventhough I have only ran an ultra barely one month ago.

Note: Pictures courtesy from Kho, RunWitMe and Lydia

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Steve said...

Choi, a very late report. Thanks for pacing me for the 20k. still trying to keep pushing for 7min pace.