Friday, September 10, 2010

The show must go on

This morning run was one of the very first time I step foot to BA after almost 2 months of absence.  0515 is the start our morning run and the distance will be 30k which Loke SS, Lawrence Leong and Andrew Chan will be doing.  I am opting for a 25k and if I can get it done comfortably its oledi a bonus.

Reached BA and only a few cars at the carpark.  Recognised Jeff Ooi and Jamie cars which were there and these gungho runners are going for the supreme 50k.  Salute, Salute.  We started with  the Bird Park loop before hitting the usual BA-Hartamas-BA route.

As we complete the 2nd loop, the sky started to open up and a thunderstorm with strong wind hit us.  We have no choice but to take shelter at the public toilet area and waited for at least 15mins hoping for the rain will stop.  It didnt but by now its not as heavy.  And so rather than calling off our run, we decided the show must go on.  Under a heavy drizzle and very cold chilly condition, the 4 of us hit the road towards Hartamas.

The rain continues to hit our body and its rather cold with strong breeze making the condition rather chilly.  We continued and I felt rather hungry when I reached the Petronas station.  Although I didnt buy any food, but Lawrence cannot tahan and got himself 2 buns.  So its not only me that felt hungry bcos of the cold weather.
After a short hydration break, we made our way back to BA.  By this time, the rain had oledi stopped but the cool weather still makes the body very cold to run and take a while to get warm up.  Slowly but surely, Km after Km we make our way back and reaches the BA carpark.

Andrew and Loke opted for another loop around the Bird Park, while Lawrence and myself just called it a day after completing abt 24k for the day.  So it was a good run under a very chilly condition and we was debating how can we endure a race that  is run under sub5 Celcius condition,  That must be areal challenge.

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