Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Let there be Light

Its Sept, and very soon we will be heading towards the last quarter of 2010.  Time really flies.  But for me I have been hibernating in terms of blogging.  The blog count as of to-date is only 10 for the past 8 months.  My average blog posting since 2005 is 120 blogs a year.  Those following my blog must be wandering wats happening

Yes, thats my blog titled "Wat's happening, Life is more than....."  For the past 8 months life is more than just blogging and facebooking.  I have spent more time on Facebook as updating instant happenings is a lot faster and take less time.  But never did I realised that blogging will give one a wider scope to express themselves in a more passionate manner.  Moreover, it will also allow one to chart down the happenings and become an article for future readings to rekindle the good, bad, happy and sad memories.

Also during these time, I really have no initiative to blog due to laziness and no inspirasi to think of anything to write. Hence I took a short break and wants to come back stronger.  Just like running, one cannot keep training day in day out, go for races week in week out.  There must be a time when we must give our body a rest, recover well and come back even stronger!!   One must know how to re-generate our own interest when we get bored otherwise we may end up in a depression mode.  Then everything seems to be so boring and unattractive.

Never, never have yourself end up in such a situation. Else you become a DEAD FROG. I told myself  I will never be a dead frog. I am just taking a break.  A short break....To rekindle, rejuvenate, refresh, renew............  And I know I will bounce back, just a matter of time. Strong as ever.

It will be a long straight road ahead from now on, fill with inspiration and determination  Looking back at the past 8 months, I just have to move forward and work hard to finish 2010 with a BANG.  There will definitely be hurdles and challenges even within the next 3 months.  Just have to paddle hard and keep moving.  A quote gotten from Ling King Keong Facebook comment ~ "The past is behind, learn from it.  The future is ahead, prepare for it"

And lastly let me wish all my Muslim frenz a joyful Selamat Hari Raya Aidilitri.

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