Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I purposely make this picture big big so that everyone can see, especially the number plate.  Dont know wat car is this but the registration number is WPK 1716.

You know what.....while sending my wife to work this morning from Ampang to KL via AKLEH, I was following this car when we were Q-ing up to exit at Jln Sultan Ismail junction.  All of a sudden the passenger of this car started to throw bunch of plastic bags, crumbled papers (looks like receipts and parking tix) and small pieces of torn papers out from the car.  The passenger was trying to throw it across the concrete divider hoping that it will land on the other side where no one will notice it.  But unfortunately because all these rubbish are very light, it doesnt reach the other side of the concrete wall but end up along the road.  By looking from the back of the car, the driver is a lady and the passenger is more like a man.

WTF, what kind of manners does this fellar have.  Why cant he keep it inside the car and dispose it later at a proper place like a rubbish bin.  I flashed my headlamp at them just to try and insult them.  Not too sure if they notice it.  As we inched our way out to Jln Sultan Ismail, I am just too curious to find out who these 2 ppl are and overtook them.  Gave them a stern stare and driver was actually a lady, a very well groomed, pretty looking and well dressed lady.  The passenger was a man, also very well dressed in smart office attire.

I told myself, what king of ppl are these.  Drive a nice sporty car, very well dressed and probably a professional in certain industries, but their manners SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!

And if anyone who read this know both of them, please tell them to have some manners.  Dont throw rubbish out from the car thinking that the road is a dumpsite.  Why dont they eat it?


Meng Yong said...

This is indeed very sad to see.A nation will only bcom a "developed" country only if the mentality on the people progress as well.

Calvin said...

Meng Yong, what you said is very true and is exactly what I've always been telling people. However, many of our fellow countrymen have been fed with the idea that being a developed nation means having the biggest this, longest that etc. Pathetic!

C-CUBE said...

Concur with both of u, a developed country starts with the attitude and mentality of the people. Just goto Japan and Korean and see if the ppl there do this kind of things. Sad Sad Malaysia and its Rakyat. Sometime u still see ppl do open opening in nice gated housing communities!!!!

michlooi said...

It happen in every corner in malaysia
1) Saw a lady with baju kurung throw mcD breakfast set cups and boxes over the fence of bkt nanas. When i look at her she told me there isn't any rubish bin but in reality the rubish bin is just 10 meter away.
2) Professionals white collar that park in my office building throw cups and tissue papers just outside their cars. "boh tak chek"

Anonymous said...

Send this to all the newspaper..