Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sun Tzu Art Of War (Sūn Zǐ Bīng Fǎ)

PKR (28 seats)
BN (28 seats - 7 suspended)
Independence (3 seats)

Under such circumstances, PKR should rightful be forming the new Perak gomen again. If BN dont follow policies to dissolve gomen, then this time round with the suspension of 7 newly appointed state exco, BN had only 21 seats. PKR no need to follow policies too.

As reported by NST, Suspension of MB, Exco can't be legally challenged: Bar Council. Therefore the decision by Perak assembly speaker V. Sivakumar to suspend the menteri besar and his six executive councillors as assemblymen cannot be challenged in court, the Malaysian Bar Council said today.

The BN team is not a good strategist (and will never be), didnt forsee this will hit them back kau2, those right hand man are not capable to look forward and strategise, whereas PKR have the likes of Sun Tzu teaching at their finger tips.

As Sun Tzu said "Know Yourself Know Your Enemies, In A Hundred Battles You Will Always Come Out A WINNER"


jue said...

c-cube, after mahathir left, the bee end or more specific ammo are all hopeless. if not they r holding d top ministry post and hide behind the outdated constitution, all sleep beside toilet bowl liao.

mahathir know how to mai mah chiew ping. he got many intelligent see yeh also. despite so many dislike him but we still cannot deny the fact that he really got brain. thats why he was in power for 22 years. if the tai siong lou didn't forsee whats happening in the last couple of years, he will surely still in power.

i still salute him.

C-CUBE said...

Yes, Mahathir can hold the fort very well and with strategy and logical sense. Our Fearless to-be leader, Lah Jee is keeping real quiet abt the whole Perak incident (especially being the Head of Perak division). Now he only woke up and found himself in a shit hole bcos his kunchu2 messed things up for him.

According as circumstances are favorable, one should modify one's plans.....SunTzu

John said...

what can you expect from someone bo tak che one? Tak che tam pok tam pok one became foreman (now gomen!) If you ask them who Sun Tzu is, I bet they say itu siapa? saya tau lompat aje!