Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Privacy in BolehLand

Can Elizabeth Wong (state assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjang) had her own privacy. It doesnt really matter what she had done outside of her political role (which is public facing). And we judged her capability based on the way she carry out her duties and execution. What she is doing after that is a personal life and its non of my business. In this case she is not like our infamous Chua Soi Lek who was caught bedding with another woman, when he has a wife and a family. The case is totally different.

So Kill Toyol, please shut your stupid big mouth in instigating the public and pressure her to resign. You have no blardy rights to do that. Do something more credible and dont be just a lalang and ride on the wave for free. You are just a good for nothing to me. I pity UMNO if you are their youth leader.

The person who circulate those nude photos of her shud be prosecuted and put to jail for causing a violation of personal life. Police, now is the time to prove to the public that you can execute properly. Go find that dude where he is and charged him for intrusion of privacy.

Eli Wong, you shud not resign as you was a victim in the current situation. You have done nothing immoral. Dont let those morons (from Betul Najis) that barks unnecessary affect you emotionally. Thats so much I can support you, the rest is up to your own personal decision. Good luck.


jue said...

In less than 2 hours, Coalition of Good Governance secure more than 30 endorsement from various NGOs. 2nite press conference organised by KLSCAH was well attended by those whose life has been touched by her.

The nation is with her of course with exception to a handful whose conduct is despicable by using such dirty tactics for their own political mileage and personal or monetary gain.

Hope whoever is the culprit who distributed the photos will be prosecuted. Perhaps this person should be reminded with a chinese saying -

You can offend just anyone BUT never a WOMAN becoz this will spelt DISASTROUS!

C-CUBE said...

Jue, yes get all the Women Action Party across the nation to support her and hunt down that dude who spread the photos. This is not abt politics anymore, its abt human rights, privacy and more so an insult to women thinking that its a sex object that can be abuse over and over again.

RunWitMe said...

Perhaps that's the least we could do for YB Eli Wong.

*REJECT* YB Elizabeth Wong's resignation as ADUN of Bukit Lanjan and Selangor Tourism, Consumer and Environment Committee Chairman


C-CUBE said...

RWM, thx for the Petition url. I have submitted mine.

Anyway what is happening to Malaysia law. Victims are penalised while the main culprit are left free.

Raymond said...

I'm suspecting where this Kill Toyol gets his dentistry degree.Personally, i doubt his ability....

C-CUBE said...

Dr Ray, Dun asked me and am not interested to know. To me he is just a good for nothing.