Saturday, February 07, 2009

Effective, clean, friendly - Perak new government

Barisan Nasional will retain the hearts of Perak people by ensuring the government is effective, clean and friendly, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said.

YB DPM Najib... tell me what you can do for Perak. 50 years had passed by. After the tin mining era what have BN done for the Silver State. If you cannot do anything for Perak 50 years ago, what is the possibility of doing something special now. We are not kids still sucking our milk bottle.

Lets be very transparent. Tell me 5 things (i dont need more) that you can do to stimulate the growth of the state. If you can execute it well and Perak be prosperous, I take my hates off to you that you have done your job as the DPM or by that time PM !!!!! Prove your worthiness and not just singing the "Lompat Si Katak Lompat" song.

Dont cut corners to get support, show your worthiness to get TRUE SUPPORT if you are going to be a PM that will be respected by the Rakyat Of Malaysia. Until and unless you prove yourself, I dont think I have respect for you at the moment. Respect is gain not bought.


jue said...

whats happening in thailand is slowly creeping into our beloved motherland.

people of thailand demonstrated against the corrupted govt & seek royalty interference to restore peace n return power to the rakyat

people of malaysia demonstrated against the royalty for protecting the corrupt govt . . .

ME - speechless n dumb kau2 liao

if you want to know what happen next, just look at our neighbor

C-CUBE said...

Just cut the crap and PROVE IT. Execution and delivery of promises No results means they are as good as any one on the street that runs the state.