Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Very Inconsiderate !!!

This morning I was caught in a massive jam on the Elevated Highway from Ampang to the city. This is an unusual jam and I believed everyone was very stress up first thing in the morning facing this massive jam. While everyone was driving bump-to-bump, I was sandwiched in the lane where on my left is the entrance lane from Jalan Ampang inlet into the Elevated Highway. So in order to give way to oncoming car wanting to get to the right, I tried to change lane over to the right too (the fast lane).

I signaled to move right and I saw this Hyundai Getz (WLE 119) at the back of me doing the same thing. As I was switching to the right lane, this car coming from the back of me does not give way at all. At this time my car was already half way out in between the fast lane. What pisses me off is this driver is so inconsiderate and does not give way although I have already put out my signal and is following me from the back wanting to switch to the right lane too. I (maintain my temper) being the considerate one just dont want to force my way thru and eventually give way to this Hyundai Getz so that it be will in front of me. The last thing I wanted was an accident.

As the car was passing by I gave a stern look to the driver. To my surprise the driver was a tan skinned young lady (not sure if she is a Chinese, Malay or Eurasian) dressed in very smart black office attire. As I was looking at her I know she pretend that nothing had happened. Well my first impression on her was a lady dressed so smartly for work had this kind of inconsiderate attitude. I wonder what is her work attitude like !!! Sorry I have no respect for you ~ inconsiderate lady driver.

Obviously my next instinct was to take out my phone and capture a picture of her car ~ Hyundai Getz WLE119. And this is the car. Watch out for her next time if you are on the road !!!

Are ladies such inconsiderate drivers on the road or are they just having that feeling that they are intimidated by all drivers on the road, and so have to be more aggressive or behave like that. I dont know and this is something all the lady drivers have to tell me. Personally I dont think that is the case and I am not undermining all lady drivers. I have lady friends that are very well mannered drivers on the road.

But my problem is everytime I encountered a very inconsiderate driver on the road not giving way even when I have put out the signal lights, its always the ladies that are not giving way and having that inconsiderate attitude on the road. Tell me WHY ?


Anonymous said...

I've also experienced the same thing and the kiasu driver is more often than not, a lady driver. I think they just want to show that they are not easily intimidated, that they too can drive like men. I notice that men driving big imports are more gentlemenly on the road, while those driving kancil or Iswara often get on my nerves. I think it all boils down to inferiority complex.

I, on the other hand, am a very sopan santun lady driver. Heheh!

C-CUBE said...

haza, so u agreed that lady drivers do this more often then men !!!! then at least i am right to make the comment. anyway as i said i have never undermine lady drivers, its just that sometimes they do things on the road that is almost unthinkable. HeHeHe!!!!!