Tuesday, August 26, 2008

UMNO.....Wat A SHAME !!!!

UMNO..... Wat a SHAME, a BIG BIG SHAME !!!!!

Check out for yourself HERE

I dont even want to post pictures like that let alone promoting it. Have some respect for your fellow opponents and the citizens of Malaysia. Wat is shown in the photo (a picture paints a thousand words) is totally unacceptable. Why are they not charge in court for being disrespectful not just to the public but to all the women and children around.

Some of the remarks gotten from the posting:

Why won’t TV3 and other main stream media highlight this? Why won’t they show this to the public everyday? If such actions were to be done by PKR supporters we will surely see it everyday in TV and other main stream media. What a disgusting and sickening bunch of morons!

UMNO tolong pi sekolahkan budak main blakang dlm gambar tu..gila ke apa ni? Macam tak de maruah je.

Anyway as I am writing this, it is unofficial confirmed that DSAI had won by a majority of between 16,000 to 17,000 votes. BeeEnd....you lose big time and two in a row too. You asked yourself you got support or not?. Try go and find out the root course and not just keep on firing empty bullets.

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