Friday, August 29, 2008


It was found out lately that all these dudes working in PUSPAKOM is taking under-counter money to make sure that vehicles are being approve without any objections for road-worthiness. ACA went after all the fellar and now a can of worms was opened and i believed there are more to come. I heard all sorts of funny things happening in PUSPAKOM, from such incidents to one that I experienced before. Do you know when you buy a second hand car and so happen it come with the tinted film installed? The standard regulation is to have it remove before the inspection but you can save the trouble of doing it by paying a runner RM300 to get it done for you. Meaning to said those fellars in PUSPAKOM will close one eye after they pocket the money. Obviously I dont encourage such corruption act and decided not to do it.

Their tagline sounds AMAZING. It shud have been Safety Begins Here With CORRUPTION. Their car inpsection license given by the gomen shud be stripped off, but anyway its a monopoly business that the gomen had embarked on. Another MALAYSIA BOLEH hiccup.

I read on the paper yesterday next on the radar screen will be JPJ. This one is an open secret liao. Everyone on the streets like Ah Lee, Ah Kow, Ah Lian, Ah Kam, Aiman, Ali, Aishah, Ainun, etc in the country knows that those fellars in this dept conducting the examination (especially on the road) is on the take. How come now only act on it. Please clean up the house before it get rotten and smelly. Its probably oredi rotten and smelly, moving into the next cycle !!!!

I am so SAD, so SAD to see these things happening. Bee End, if you want to get the confidence of the MALAYSIANs, act on it. Dont tell me you go do another are just firing empty bullets. Else it will be another Permatang Pauh lesson for you. The nation had told you in the recent General Election, the ppl of Permatang Pauh had told you many more times that you can think of, what else do you want to be told.

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