Monday, August 18, 2008


This is the actual description on myself during yday Larian Perpaduan Merdeka 2008 10k race. A big word describe my current condition. TOTALLY KOYAK.

I ran the same route in May 2008 during the Bomba Run and was comfortably doing 53mins. It was a drastic drop in fitness and form. I have not ran a 20k since Sundown Marathon (May) and just doing very casual run to keep fit. This was done on purpose as I needed quality rest. So yday race was actually my first race since May.

Am not blaming myself to be on drugs in this race as I believed I would be even stronger with that. So I cannot run away from not being fit !!!! The result speaks for itself.

After 5k, I was totally drained, BIG TIME !!!! I watched every single runner sayur-ed me, chop chop chop on the chopping board. As each of them passes me, those who know me just called out my name. Its a very polite way amongst runners to tell you that "Hey buddy, I am overtaking you" TNS, I just let it go by without any resistance. What to do, KOYAK liao !!!! Just response with a positive gesture and let them move on, no turbo power liao to challenge. Grrrrrrrrr !!!

Runners after runners passes me. I just maintained a pace I can tahan until all the way till the finishing line. God gracious, the finishing was at Dataran and not continue to run into the middle of the field in front of Selangor Club. I finished my run in 57mins 43secs with a position of 59th placing under the Junior Veteran Category. At least I got a medal for the effort. Thats the best I cud do under the current condition. But no worries, watch me make a comeback.

Hasta La Vista ~ I Shall Return !!!

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