Monday, February 26, 2007


This CNY didnt give me a good start to the Year of the Boar. I wasnt feeling too well in the first 2 days of CNY and went to visit a doctor. To my surprise my blood pressure was way above the normal 120/80. It was showing 150/90. Doctor advised was to monitor it for 1-2 weeks before prescribing any medication to me. Over the week, the pressure went up and back to the borderline like a yoyo.

Didnt run much as well because of doing lotz of visting in Ipoh and Melaka. I know my chances of having high blood pressure is pretty high since my dad was having it in his younger its more like a genes thingy. So from now on have to watch out on my diet (especially salty and oily food) to ensure the pressure gets down, else I will be asking for trouble. Hopefully continue to run will help keep the blood pressure and cholesterol level down + the medication. Well life must go on, but now I have to be very careful in what I eat.

I will be visiting the doctor again today to get my blood pressure check. I know I will have to take some medication at least for a short term to check my blood pressure and plus the doctor giving me the clearence to run KLIM07, else I will have to give it a rain check. Moreover I hope my form is back (after dormant for almost more than 1 week) by March 18 to compete in KLIM07.

Well lets see how it goes......


NEZZ said...

Yes Ccube.. watch ur daily diet, sleep tight, but don't stop exercising.. Hope u'll feel better soon..

C-CUBE said...

nezz, thx and i sure will take care man!!!, but no worries I will continue to exercise.