Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wu Tai Shan 五台山

Stairway to Heaven, Pilgrims ascending sacred Mount Tai Shan.

Wu Tai Shan is the Buddhist scared mountain of the north. Located in a mountainous region of Shanxi province it actually consists of five sacred peaks in the center of which is the small monastic village of Taihuai. At one time Wu Tai Shan had over 300 temples and monasteries but today the number has been reduced to only about 30 or so with about half of them clustered about the village of Taihuai.

Wu Tai Shan will be my destination come April where I will be travelling with a group of pilgrims to visit this Buddhist holy places. Besides visiting all the temples found within the mountain, I will probably have the chance to do some mild trekking within the mountains. I will be looking forward to this pilgrimage and trekking trip.

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