Monday, March 22, 2010


Yesterday was the 4th KL Towerthon that I participated. I wasnt fully prepared for this event, coming in with no running for almost 1.5 weeks and just got back from a cool holiday in Cameron Highlands. Was also trying to acclimatise to weather condition from 18C - 20C at the highlands and then sudden change to 30C down in KL. if I was out of the hot & dry weather for a long time.

Anyway the race started with multiple waves with the Mens Open having 3 waves, followed by the Women Open and then finally the Jr Veteran at 9am. The climb (~ 800m) along the road leading to the tower was already tough for me under my current condition. Then after that was the hallway inside the tower leading into the staircase. I was taking it very slowly and cautious knowing very well at some point in time I will be out of breath and tired.

As I moved up slowly, I gotta take 2 short rest along the way which never happened before in the past 3 climbs. So I reckon my condition was GuaCinyaUnfit this time round. Continued my climb and reached the TH level. Heard remarks from Tony Q which is in front of me that we shud be reaching. After a couple more flights of staricase I finally reached the finishing line.

Wosh, what a relief. Finally made it and my gun time was 29secs flat.

Will I be back for the 5th series. I definitely will and must be fit the next round, else will suffer kau kau lat.

The hard earned FINISHER medal

The goodies bag

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