Monday, January 18, 2010

NB 30k 2010

Final push to the finishing
Picture from Chuah Sakura & RunWitMe

Long overdue report.

First longest race and run after PBIM 2009. In between the months is more like taking the opportunity to rest the fatigue body and build on with some tempo runs and speedwork. Longest training run before the race was a 26k run with Loke SS.

Race day came and not much expectation on the timing. I am not even prepared to think of beating last year time of 2h 50mins. A comfortable and enjoyable run will be a big bonus for me, but even with that a target was set to complete it in 3h 15mins. As usual all the running kakis was around as this is one of the very first race for 2010 and also a testing ground for the coming Putrajaya Nite Marathon 2010.

Bang, and the runners are out on the race route. The first 10k I was taking it very slowly maintaining like a 6min pace. As my body gets warmed up, at the 15k mark I increased my pace to a sub 6min pace consistently till I hit the 20k mark. This is thee entrance into the Double Hill area and with all the hills in front, I slow down my pace back to 6 min so as not to burn myself out.

After getting over all the hills, I push on abit from 25k onwards ina sub 6 min pace again. Body and legs are still feeling great, and I continu eto maintain that momentum until I crossed the finishing line.

Timing for me was unbelievable. I did it in 2 hr 46mins, 4mins faster than last year. Was a good achievement and nothing to complain about. rehydrate myself and mingle with all the running friends before walking back to the carpark at Bukit Aman. Was really satisfied with the run and out of my expectation that I can run faster than last year will less training.

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