Sunday, March 28, 2010

Energizer Nite Race 2010

I let the pix do most of the writing of this race report. This was my 3rd marathon in 2 months. DO NOT try doing it as its no FUN!!! I treat this race as a training run (as I felt my body is not fully recovered after Putra Nite Mara and StanChart HK Marathon) so I just ran at a pace where its most comfortable and hopefully can last me as long as I can stay on the road.

And the rest of the race, I just take my time running it although I suffered a sprain muscle at the upper back which is extremely painful and resorted to run/walk to minimise the pain.

Captured by a "local" Paparazzi. I am not Amber Chia, so no worries!!

A group pix with the KPAC geng

Dr Pui San - she ran with Mr Miracle on that day

Just the beginning

Ran past the sprinkler station!!

Just finished the race and bumped into RunWitMe

Still can smile after all the suffering

Thats what we called "Enjoy The Race"

TQ to the following people who contributed to the above photo gallery
RWM, William Lee, Julie Julz, Khadeja Shah


Haza said...

LOL!! This has got to be the champion of shortest race reports ever.

And nice to chat wit u! I will need the injinji toe socks, will contact you later. You have to thank Cheang for this, hehehe.

C-CUBE said...

Sis Haza, hahaha....wait there is more to come.

Ok, will see how I can get it over to you. Wats ur shoe size. I will think the size S will fit you.