Sunday, July 12, 2009

Muk Don Ner Run 2009

Picture curi from PM1 blog

75 medals in the veteran category. This is a run we have to "cheong" for the medal, otherwise will be cinya amkan.

The day started very early in the morning where i have to be at Bukit Aman carpark to conduct the NEWTON Shoe Trial session. Arrived at the carpark ard 5.45am and loaded all the NEWTON shoes out. The first person to comeby to try out the shoe was at ard 5.55am. Then there are more runners coming by, mostly those who have seen my announcement in PM1 blog and FB. In the end we have 10 runners that will be trying out the various NEWTON models during the McD Olympic race at Dataran Merdeka. As this race will be anticipated as a fast race over 7k, I believe this will be an ideal trial session to test the full potential of NEWTON technology aka SCIENCE IN MOTION.

Then I walked down to race site at Dataran Merdeka to collect my race bib at 7am. After pinning my bib I walk towards the starting kandang, and as usual there were already many runners inside. Everyone is trying to get the most front row, as this will be a fast and furious race to get a medal. The race started punctually at 7.30am, and out we go in a very fast pace.

The route take us thru the normal way via Bank Negara Malaysia passing the KTM station over a small climb and into Kenny Hills. This is place where most runners will stumble over the hills if dont pace correctly. Running at a fast pace of sub5 mins, I was pacing KP Tan up the hills until almost at the Tijani junction. After that I push further ahead at 4.30 pace and started running alone without any pacer. Legs was feeling ok and therefore maintain the pace. As there is a slight downhill before heading out of Kenny Hills and onto Jalan Salahuddin, I increase the pace slightly to take advantage of the momentum.

At Jalan Salahuddin, it shud be another 2k to finishing line. At this point I slowed down my pace a bit in anticipating of another climb at Jalan Parlimen. This is to conserse some energy for the final 1k push. Up the small climb and here I potong sayur abt 3 runners which is the same category as I am. After the climb it was down hill along Jalan Parlimen passing the Lake Gardens junction. Lawrence was there cheering the runners up and give motivation.

After the junction, I started to make my move for the last 700m to 800m before reaching Dataran Merdeka. Here I continue to overtake soem runners which is the sme category, and by now I know I should be able to get a medal. At the DBKL junction, the runners need to turn right and run along the road at Dataran Merdeka, and then turn into the padang where the finishing chute will be.

I crossed the finishing line in 35mins 01secs with position 26 under the Junior Veteran category. Although panting for oxygen, I still feel good after the fast and furious run. My GPS watch showed a distance of 7.5km which meant I ran an average 4.40 pace. I guess this is one of the fastest so far for me. Cinya happy for the timing and also getting a medal.

Seeya next week at the Siemens Run.


Michele Tab said...

Hi Choi! Congrats on the good timing for 7.50km! Saw the Newton shoes packaging on PM1's blog, unique! Hope you get a decent market on it. Actually saw the brand of shoes on a Tri-site some months back, good that you're promoting them! Just saw your timing for full, really fast! Congrats again, and you still look so fresh!
Have a lovely remainder of Sunday,

RunWitMe said...

Cinya! I didn't see you coming back from the run. But anyway, I already caught you walking to the waiting pen earlier. Video coming soon....

C-CUBE said...

Michele, Yes just started promoting and selling NEWTON. I have Saucony as the other brand under my stable, which is more targeted to general market ie most of the runners.

RWM, cant wait for the video to come out, cinya.