Monday, July 06, 2009

Hot Chics wearing RunningSkirts during SCKLM 09


RunWitMe said...

No running photo meh? Hot chicks in action?

Puisan said...

i LOVE the skirt!
it was very comfortable....
I ran in it in Ipoh Half marathon in the rain and it stayed put....not bad!!
eh was wondering, are u gonna bring in more colours?
coz i'm looking for something brighter!!
like navy/pink or navy/gold or navy/pimpkin!
love those colours!!!

C-CUBE said...

rwm, no coverage woh. next time maybe u can cover for me.

pui san, let me know the specific colors u want. in my next order i will get it in for u.

Puisan said...


I would LOVE navy/hautepink.....and navy/gold!

I promise to take a picture of me in it after each race and promote for u on my blog!!!

Thank you!!!!

C-CUBE said...

puisan, noted. and TQ for the support.