Thursday, March 05, 2009

Winter Sonata in Malaysia

They are probably the best couple in town right now. Its power transition period and both are not speaking out. They just keep quite about the whole issue in Perak. As the head of state you cannot allow such things to happen. BN is too afraid to go for a snap state wide election. They know the party will loose big time if it happen. Anyway its oredi happening. The more you drag the issue the worst it become. Betul Najis - you are loosing the confidence of the rakyat day by day, and I can bet come next election BN is just a nobody party. Only good for I dont know what. You cannot even solve simple political issues, let alone running the country effectively.

For god sake, no matter what please do something in Perak. These are things that the country need to sort out quickly and focus on how to combat the world economic meltdown. Both of them still think that Malaysia is not affected. We are in a denial mode....What a Winter Sonata!!!

Next is the Monday flash flood. Whats happening dude!!! I would guess those who were affected lost a fair amount of $$$$ be it their car was submerged underwater, their business completely stops, people trap inside buildings, an international furniture exhibition was totalled ruined by the flood, etc,etc. We are oredi in an economic downturn and yet we allow floods continue to happen year in year out, causing people to lose money unnecessary.

I read today's paper, and as usual nobody is owning to it. The SMART tunnel folks said its not build to channel water from other rivers except Klang river. So the other river overflows and we cannot do anything about it. (until some god knows what kolam are build) What a Winter Sonata!!!! Where is the Datuk Bandar of DBKL and Minister of FT, both are keeping their mouth shut. I think both shud resign as you are paid to do a job and are not doing it at all. Another Winter Sonata!!!

I dont want to write anymore because everyone knows there is a long list of it. The moral of the story ~ Malaysia is enjoying its WINTER SONATA.......

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jue said...

Had a chat with some folks recently. I would like to concur with them that inorder to initiate change - and CHANGE is Vital, things will take a sharp dive. Then only we can stand up and rights the wrongs. What goes up, must come down.

So, all the bad karma of the 50 years of BN or rather UMNO ruling is coming out to work. What happen in Perak may not be bad after all. Its just the beginning of a New Era

Remember a Buddhist saying,

When things are Bad, Its need not necessary Bad

When things look Good, Its not necessary Good.

So, if the people of Perak think that the 2 MBs and upside down government with the on going political fracas is bad, think again. They may be creating history for the down fall of ONE and rising of ANOTHER in Malaysia, my beloved Motherland!

Just look at Indonesia, Phillipine and Thailand. Am sure those past leaders never dream that they will be overthrow after rulling with an IRON FIST! Where are they today? Ada dalam buku Sejarah . . . . heheheheheeee