Sunday, March 22, 2009

High Spirits

After yesterday torturous 21k run (Bkt Aman - Solaris - Petronas Hartamas [2 loops] - Bkt Aman), my running spirits are much much higher now. Never had I been in such a condition during training. I told myself after the run "How bad can it be" as I have ran my most suffering 21k in all these years. It can only get better as time goes by.

I made the right choice by not doing a 10k this morning and choose to have more sleep/rest but I still woke up at 8am. Do the normal house chores as wife is not at home for the weekend. Met the Navy boyz and deliver some shoes at LG. It was an honor to meet my fren and congrat him personally for coming out 2nd (Malaysian) in Ironman Langkawi.

The rest of the day will be chilling out at home before another week starts. Dont forget school reopens next week and back to the madness of traffic jams in the morning.

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