Tuesday, March 03, 2009

KL in a chaos

The thunderstorm and heavy rain created a havoc in KL this evening. Roads in and out of city were jammed. Bumper to bumper traffic and practically moving 100m in 15mins to 20mins. I was also informed by a friend that Jalan Ipoh was flooded with at least 1m water level and the PWTC building had a total blackout trapping many people inside. Cars parked along Jalan Putra was submerged under water.

This was a clip that I captured using my mobile phone on my way home. The banks of Klang river overflowed causing havoc to many areas in the city. The worst affected area was Jalan Ipoh.


jue said...

can sue dbkl n federal gomen ah? spent billion to construct smart tunnel but flood is more rampant and getting worst hitting major city area!

ask them justify why smart tunnel not working? sure those idiots can always have an excuse . . . pond to divert water not yet dig . . . their head lah . .

speechless liao . .

C-CUBE said...

me too, i am totally lost for words. excuse after excuse, year in year out whenever disasters hit us.